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Rolland Berger’s analysts forecast that up to 160,000 commercial air taxi will be in the air in 2050. eVTOL are foreseen for different usage, intra cities short haul, inter-city medium haul, and goods deliveries. This market is without a doubt a game changer for the airworthiness management and the production capacity needs.

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Transparencies for eVTOL

eVTOL windshield will challenge the capability to stretch raw material into complex and tailored glass shapes while maintaining high optical quality. Saint-Gobain Aerospace has developed over the years a wide and diverse variety of helicopter windshield designs, including challenging size and curvature. Our design capabilities include glass, stretched acrylic and flat or curved glazing, clear or tinted features and heating systems. 

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Composites for eVTOL

We are evaluating the EVTOL will be made of between 60% to 70% composites. Saint-Gobain Aerospace has cumulated over 65 years of experience in traditional lay-up for all Radome applications.

In addition to it, we have kept investing into a variety of composite manufacturing methods, including our innovative 3D knitting and its Roctool high speed curing, and our Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Continuous Composite 3D printing.

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Saint-Gobain Aerospace a Unique Partner

Saint-Gobain Aerospace is a unique partner to help you bringing these innovative aircraft to airworthiness:

  • Our long history being a Tier 1 supplier of the industry.
  • The Saint-Gobain group has a strong position in mass manufacturing in key industries like automotive.
  • Our extensive design, analysis, simulation and testing capabilities to foster deep and rapid iteration co-development to help you give life to your new aircrafts. 

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