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Design, Analysis and Simulation

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Design & Analysis

For all of our product segments, our engineering departments use CATIA for CAD modelling, ALTAIR HYPERWORKS, MSC-APEX, PATRAN/NASTRAN and ABAQUS for finite element analysis (FEA).

Our composite department is also familiar with:

Composite Advanced Surface Reconstruction
- Rapid reverse engineering with laser scan technology
- Digital 3D model creation from a physical part, such as the Radome, mold, etc.

Composite Sandwich Composition Zoning
It is often a challenge to accommodate conflicting goals of radio-frequency (RF) transparency and structural performance in one design. By zoning the sandwich composition, these goals are optimized to fit your requirements.

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Simulation Tools

We use our simulation tools in design for example to define the product composition, define interface with gap, sliding and force computation, and design seal solutions to integrate shape and fabrication tolerances. Our engineering department is also able to make reverse engineering on existing product.

Our transparency experts are able to predict the shape feasibility with bending analysis, pre-sizing and sizing solutions under different solicitations like pressure, thermal and thermomechanical and bird strike analysis. Correlations are done between numerical models and real tests at different levels (raw materials to complete model integrating transparency with aircraft structure).

During development, Saint-Gobain Aerospace can provide a dedicated team on the customer site to co-design and co-validate by numerical modeling and simulations with models integrating aircraft structure.

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Glass Analysis

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