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Composite Manufacturing

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Kitting Machine Ravenna


We cut and kit our main materials, foam, honeycomb, quartz and glass pre-impregnated with an automated kitting process. Our software optimizes the material through nesting and allow us to decrease our waste for a more sustainable process.

Our machine offers ply and lot traceability which helps to prepare the layup operations in the best conditions. We also use an RFID tracking system to help manage the temperature-sensitive material out-time.

Layup 3 bis bis

Composite Layup

Composite Layup is a manual process that requires years of expertise. Our layup specialists are cross-trained through different composite systems and shapes for a high-end product quality. They operate in sanitated spaces which allows for minimal contamination.

To limit waste during the process, our plants utilize their own reusable vacuum bags that are dedicated to each molds. The vacuum bag check unit detects vacuum loss prior to cure for an uneventful process.

Mold Ravenna

Curing ovens and autoclave

Each of our composite plant has an extensive curing capacity with multiple large ovens. We also have one autoclave in the Ravenna Ohio plant. 


CNC RAV Photo 1

5 Axis CNC

Each of our composite plants have a large working envelope 5 axis CNC with a probe that locates the part fixture and validates to 3D model, ensuring the most accurate trim and drill. 

Assembly 787

Part and hardware Assembly

Saint-Gobain Aerospace provides finished parts with multiple composite and hardware assembled to the aircraft tolerance with sourced dedicated assembly tooling. We have the capability to assemble frames, hinges, brackets, nut plates as well as lightning diverters and other composite parts together. 

Paint Booth


As Saint-Gobain Aerospace works for all aviation segments, we have the resources to offer different types of standard paint systems. We have multiple options for civil aircrafts and can provide military grade rain erosion resistant coatings. All our coating systems, including composite surfacers, antistatic coatings, primers and topcoats are adhesion and rain erosion tested.

Our automated in-line mixing/spray system allows accurate mixing of paint while improving sustainability.

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