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7 - Image License and Credits 

Saint-Gobain Aerospace visual content comes from Saint-Gobain Aerospace engineering and manufacturing sites, Saint-Gobain’s Group Media Library, acquired photos from Shutterstock, iStock as well as freely-usable images from Unsplash and Pexels.

Saint-Gobain Aerospace would like to thank our customers and partners for providing us exceptional visual content, Airbus, Embraer, Gulfstream, Dassault and Continuous Composites. 

Saint-Gobain Aerospace also thanks and credits the photographers whose pictures appear in our website:

iStock Ryan Fletcher

iStock Rob Atherton

iStock Boarding1Now

iStock Artyom_Anikeev

iStock M-Production

iStock Hyspanolistic

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shutterstock LP2 Studio

shutterstock mrmohock

shutterstock nejdeh_ivan_photography

Pexels George Becker

Unsplash Erik Mclean

Unsplash Yaroslav Muzychenko

Unsplash Chris Montgomery

Unsplash GR Mottez

Unsplash thisisengineering-raeng

Unsplash Arie Wubben

Unsplash Jon Tyson

Unsplash John McArthur

Unsplash Jorge Fernandez

Unsplash Yury Yavorsky

Unsplash Jakob Owens

Unsplash Stiven Sanchez

Unsplash Neil Martin

Unsplash Arteum Ro

Unsplash John O Nolan

Unsplash Hanson Lu

Unsplash Alexander Schimmeck

Unsplash Geraud Gordias


© Dassault Aviation

C. Cosmao

A. Daste

V. Almansa

S. Randé

P. Stroppa

A. Pecchi


© Airbus

Anthony Pecchi

Lloyd Horgan


Eric RAZ

KELLER Christian



Anthony Pecchi

Barthe Pierre

Pierre-Etienne Langenfeld



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