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Testing Capabilities

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Material Testing


As a material expert, Saint-Gobain has decades of historical lamina test data –and each year we add to this knowledge. Our growing database is used to calculate statistically reduced strength allowables in accordance with the CMH-17 standard. It also is a vital input in our design development activity, enabling us to realize continual improvements in accuracy and speed.

Vibration Testing 2


We can navigate your new program through all the environmental testing like Hail, Salt Fog, Humidity, Temperature, Elevation, Rain Erosion, Vibration (see picture on the left) etc. as defined in applicable industry standards such as RTCA/DO-160G or MIL-810G and other requirements.

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Saint-Gobain Aerospace owns in-house extensive ballistic testing capabilities.

  • Gas Cannon: 11m long compressed air gun capable of firing 200mm diameter projectiles up to 200m/s speed. We have decades of experience in testing primary and secondary structure, glass-made or composite-made, to airworthiness requirements for bird strike impact. We will perform the pre-test simulations to determine the critical impact locations, our Delegated Engineer Representative (DER) will be present during the test, and finally write the post-test assessment for airworthiness compliance.
  • Ammunition Cannon: gun powder testing that can fire civil and military standards ammunition. Our glasses design will resist up to STANAG L4 according to STANAG 4569. 
  • Gravelling and hailstone Cannon: We can test up to 20g of aluminum projectile and 2 inch of hailstone impacts.
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Lightning Strike

We have extensive experience in direct effects testing to SAE ARP and RTCA DO-160 Zone 1 and 2 lightning environments. We will do the pre-test analysis, set-up and conducting the tests and post-test assessment for airworthiness compliance. Saint-Gobain Aerospace works directly with National Technical Services (NTS), the world’s leading test laboratory for lightning and lightning effects for aircraft structures.

Test Range 1

Radio Transparency

Saint-Gobain Aerospace has in-house test facilities for Radomes transparency testing:

  • A microwave anechoic chamber to test Radomes to RTCA DO-213
  • A turntable system for testing connectivity Radomes.
SATCOM Test Range 1
Saint-Gobain RF

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