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Glass Manufacturing

Cutting Grinding

The first stage of our process starts by cutting glass blank to the desire window size. We will then grind it to the right dimension in order to have a set of glass plies ready for bending. 

Very Large Windshield

Glass Bending

Glass bending is a process necessary for all windows that need to be curved. We place the glass plies in an oven with a tool slowly bending them to the desire window shape. The heat allow the glass to bend and take its final shape without breaking. 

Glass Production

Optical inspection

Following the bending process, we then inspect each glass plies to make sure the dimensions and the optical quality meet the engineering requirements. 

Saint-Gobain Lab


Any surface defect identified during the optical inspection will need to be polished to make sure nothing can affect the optical quality.

Glass Manufacturing


The glass plies are then piled-up with interlayer materials to form the windshield final composition and pressured laminated in an autoclave. The assembly process is operated in a clean room to reduce to a maximum the risk of impurity in between the plies. 

Lab Production


The windshield edges can then be trimmed and drilled in to build the interfaces of aircraft final assembly. 

Saint-Gobain Lab

Final assembly and Finishing

At the assembly and finishing area, the necessary hardware will be mounted to the windshield, like pressure seal, weather seal, moisture barrier, connector, frames, etc. 

Glass Clarity

Final inspection

During the final inspection, each windshield undergoes a rigorous inspection where all the key parameters like size, weight, de-icing performance, optical quality and other requirements will be individually recorded to ensure full traceability.

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