G650ER Flying


It takes a special dedication to support the business aviation segment which, over the years, has pushed the boundaries for flight experience and passenger comfort. Saint-Gobain Aerospace works with all Business aircraft OEMs as our expertise and digital tools make us the ideal partner in delivering quality products for the most demanding aircraft specifications. 



With over 50 years of expertise in the business transparency market, Saint-Gobain Aerospace provides cockpit and cabin windows to business aircrafts with outstanding design capabilities. To prioritize our customer’s passenger comfort, our design capabilities include glass and acrylic windows that can be lined for specific performance characteristics.

Our drive for innovative technology supports reduced windshield weight, solar impact control and efficient energy consumption.

G650 Flying


As a luxury segment, business aviation strives to offer extraordinary comfort not only for the passenger but also for the pilot. Saint-Gobain Aerospace is invested in comfort by enhancing the piloting experience through a variety of radome designs and features. We have the capability to reach Class A transmissivity level Radomes that can be efficiently designed to host an Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS).

Saint-Gobain Aerospace has contributed to the transformation of satellite communication in the industry by delivering many of the first tail-tip Radomes. Our decades of experience and exceptional industry knowledge allows us to understand our business customers’ needs at a deeper level. Whether you are an OEM, a conversion or an MRO facility, at Saint-Gobain Aerospace, we employ our expertise to deliver design solutions that can maximize your Radomes connectivity performance and elevate passenger experience. 


737 Ducting Section


Saint-Gobain Aerospace has a long experience providing cabin interior composite parts providing passenger comfort while managing Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) requirements.

Our low pressure ducting and dryliner will support your aircraft environmental control and help you maintain a healthy cabin for your passengers.

Our thermoforming plastic processes will help you procure many of your low volume specialty parts while keeping up with budget. 

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G650ER Flying
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