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For more than 350 years, Saint-Gobain has maintained a rich history of designing and manufacturing innovative glass. Our design, simulation and testing tools make us a unique partner to develop transparency products for the aerospace, marine and armored vehicle markets.

Discover the wide variety of tailored transparency solutions that can be integrated with including but not limited to advanced heating technology, stretched acrylic, bullet and blast resistant, noise reduction, UV protection, light weight composition etc.

Aerospace transparencies

Aerospace transparencies

Marine transparencies

Marine transparencies

Armored Vehicles

Armored Vehicle Transparencies

B787 front


For over 65 years, Saint-Gobain Aerospace has designed and manufactured high performance Radomes for all segments of the aviation (commercial, business, military etc.) and marine markets.

A pioneer in nose Radomes for weather radars, Saint-Gobain Aerospace has introduced important technological advances, such as quartz designs for high durability and radio frequency (RF) transparency and segmented lightning diverters, which provide lighter weight and better RF performance.

Saint-Gobain Aerospace is a trusted leader in delivering high quality connectivity Radomes. With state of the art engineering capabilities, our antenna custom tuned designs provide optimal RF performance, enabling reliable high quality in-flight, or on the sea.  

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Aerospace radomes


Marine radomes

Commercial aircraft cabin


Saint-Gobain Aerospace has a long experience providing cabin interior composite parts to enhance passenger comfort and safety.

Our low pressure ducting and dryliner will support your aircraft environmental control and help you maintain a healthy cabin for your passengers.

Our thermoforming plastic processes will help you procure many of your low volume specialty parts while keeping up with budget. 

Saint-Gobain’s products come with highest quality and meet all necessary regulations like Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST).

Commercial aircraft cabin

Aerospace Composites

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Repair & Replacement

Our long history in materials, part design and manufacturing has strengthened our knowledge of composite and transparency repair services. We prioritize customer satisfaction by offering quality solutions and a quick turnaround time including replacement stocks located in large strategic airports to support your Aircraft on Ground (AOG). 

Our certified repair stations are equipped with a range of tools to accommodate all levels of repair within the aerospace, marine and military industries standards.

Aerospace Repair & Replacement

Aerospace Repair & Replacement

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