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Manufacturing Technologies

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Composite Manufacturing

Manufacturing complex composite parts requires both sophisticated automated equipment and highly skilled manual operators. Over the years, Saint-Gobain has nurtured both the people expertise and the financial investment to address the latest Industry challenges.

Our composite plants are equipped with RFID to track our parts through the different production stages and our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides us with real time operation data.

Since sustainability is one of our major priorities, our plants are equipped with LED lights, variable speed compressors for smart energy adjustment, and on-site freezer storage for all of our temperature sensitive materials.

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3D Knitting

As a design and manufacturing expert, at Saint-Gobain Aerospace we consider it our responsibility to invest in the technologies that will bring the industry to meet the current sustainability and performance challenges.  

The 3D knitting technology will benefit any composite manufacturer that wishes to improve quality and decrease cost by automating their labor intensive lay-up process. 3D Knitting is a breakthrough technology to replace your manual lay-up process bringing speed, quality and economic benefits to your overall production.

CF3D Machine

Additive Manufacturing


Saint-Gobain Aerospace has entered in May 2021 into a strategic collaboration with Continuous Composite to combine strong synergies between patented Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D®) and Saint-Gobain’s digital design and analysis resources to enable innovative commercial aerospace products.

CF3D® is an automated manufacturing solution for additively manufacturing strong, lightweight, aerospace grade composite components applicable to many industries. By combining high-performance continuous fiber with rapid curing thermoset resins, CF3D® increases the efficiency of the composite parts manufacturing process to deliver substantially lower cost and shorter lead times as compared to conventional methods.

CF3D® offers a wide range of materials for manufacturing both traditional and high temperature composites, as well as multi-functional structures enabled by printed sensors and wires.

Glass Precision

Transparencies Manufacturing

We transform and combine glass and organic transparencies into windshield, side windshields, sidelights, doors, backlights, canopies, driver and passenger windows. Thanks to our know-how and technologies we are able to process all transparent raw materials from flat to the most complex shape and add functionalities and accessories. 

Computer-aided design programs are used to model products and simulate processes. Prototype construction procedures are then defined with the aim of cutting design costs and speeding the process from the drawing board to the assembly line.

Engineering and Certification

Glass Analysis 4

Design, Analysis & Simulation

Our engineering capabilities encompass design, analysis and simulation allowing us to control every step of the development process. We will co-develop with you to optimize solutions and find the best compromise between functions, weight and product cost. We use numerical tools to accelerate time development in order to predict with digital twin product comportments under mechanical thermal and thermomechanical solicitations.

As a composite and glass material expert, Saint-Gobain has an internally developed material database compliant to airworthiness regulations. 

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Testing Capabilities

Saint-Gobain serves as a reliable source for meeting all our customer requirements as we have decades of experience in manufacturing, inspection, and testing of composite aircraft parts and materials. Our on-site Designated Engineering Representative (DER) can support each test to ensure safety and performance. Our on-site Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative (DMIR) can inspect and confirm test articles parts. 

RA3D Radome Pic

Radome Proprietary Software

Saint-Gobain Aerospace has created a comprehensive suite of proprietary digital tools to design Radomes. These tools leverage our certified materials and allow fast iterations for exceptional co-development conditions while providing accurate results. 

We will accompany you from your requirements to the technical limits of the industry materials and let you prioritize your targets in real time to make sure your Radome is the perfect fit for your antenna and application. 

Paper Plane


Our transparency manufacturing plants have been PART 21G (POA) and PART 145 (Repair Station) certified for decades. The delegation of design activities granted by our main customers is a clear evidence of their trust towards SGS and eases the Type Certificate approval process for our equipments conducted with the authorities.

program management

Program Management

PMP trained and certified, Saint-Gobain program managers have the expertise to manage programs from Bid & Proposal Stage through to First Article Inspection and handover to Operations. Program Managers have direct accountability for project success, developing mechanisms for monitoring project progress and ensuring effective communication and integration with the business team, internal departments and outside vendors. 

Saint-Gobain employs a Stage-Gate process, embedded within our AS9100 quality system, to manage the NPI development process through preliminary and critical design reviews, Verification and Validation activities (including the appropriate certification requirements) to delivery of the First Article. Our Program Managers lead Integrated Product Teams from our Design, Structural and RF engineering disciplines through the development phase and manage DFM activities for production readiness ensuring your program meets schedule, budget and quality requirements. 

Research and Development

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Saint-Gobain Group R&D

The R&D of Saint-Gobain comprises local teams and centers dedicated to specific businesses as well as a network of eight transversal R&D centers, meant to serve all the businesses of Saint-Gobain worldwide.

The eight Transversal R&D Centers, individually and as a network, maintain and acquire core technologies at top level; host large projects & exploratory programs, be the innovation showcases for our customers, act as hubs for academic and external contacts, and finally attract and develop talent. They deliver on projects for their respective customer Business Units, leveraging their specific competences and skills. 

Dedicated R&D

In addition to the group transversal group R&D, Saint-Gobain Aerospace benefits from a dedicated R&D team that consolidates the technical competencies most critical to aerospace project needs. 

Our expertise in solid mechanics (FEA, material modeling, composites), optimization, mechanical testing and analysis, and EM simulation enables us to offer tailored solutions for your specific requirements.

Footprint and Quality

Quality goes beyond the mere quality of our products and our processes. It is a global and transversal management approach. All our collaborators worldwide are committed to continuously achieving and maintaining excellent customer satisfaction. That is why we are a trusted aerospace partner.

Our ambition for each of our industrial sites is to be exemplary - both through health and safety, attentiveness to customers and customer service, the quality of our products, and its economic and environmental performance. Since operational excellence can only be obtained with the involvement of all employees and by developing a culture of change, Saint-Gobain Aerospace has chosen to place people at the heart of this process.


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Part 145 Repair Stations, 1 each for glass and composite products

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