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Saint-Gobain has cooperated with major European Armies in France, Germany, Italy and many more. Our design comply with the most demanding ballistic protection standards, from STANAG L1 to STANAG L3 according to STANAG 4569 

We have on-the-shelf products available for minimum waiting time as well as have the expertise to tailor glass composition for any customer specifications.




As the leading provider of customized high performance bullet resistance glass in the world, Saint-Gobain provides glass to VIP armored vehicles with varying features that can be tailored according to customer needs. Our armored glass is designed for protection against ballistic threats from BR2 to BR7 according to EN1063 (VPAM L4 to L9) while keeping the original aestetic design for a seemless feature. 

May it be for nation or corporate's VIP and celebrities, we have a design solution that will keep you safe. 

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