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Saint-Gobain Aerospace has been a proud Tier 1 supplier of commercial aviation for over 60 years. Our achievements at the industry level have contributed to shaping our culture and operation processes. Utilizing proactive technology for risk mitigation and adopting cost-effective methods makes Saint-Gobain an ideal commercial aviation supplier in serving its OEM customers and the aviation industry.

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It takes a special dedication to support the business aviation segment which, over the years, has pushed the boundaries for flight experience and passenger comfort. Saint-Gobain Aerospace works with all business aircraft OEMs as our expertise and digital tools make us the ideal partner in delivering quality products for the most demanding aircraft specifications. 

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As the military industry has grown, Saint-Gobain has adopted state-of-the-art methods to integrate special features for our military customers. Our experts specialize in manufacturing and designing bullet resistant glass for military applications. We utilize cutting-edge technology to design lighter yet rugged military parts.

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Saint-Gobain Aerospace has designed and engineered glass and composite-based products for rotary-wing aircrafts for over 60 years. In successfully serving OEMs as a Tier 1 supplier, we are proud to evolve our capabilities to facilitate the industry’s transition towards lighter and more environmentally-friendly helicopters.

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MRO & Aftermarket

Repair and replacement services are essential aspects of the aerospace industry. Our deep knowledge of materials, part design and manufacturing gives us a unique understanding of composite and transparencies. Decades of airline support experience serves as the basis of our aftermarket expertise. Discover our repair stations, spares stocks and services capabilities including AOG support.  

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eVTOL arriving on the market is seen without a doubt as a game changer for the airworthiness management and the production capacity needs. Saint-Gobain Aerospace is a unique partner to help you bringing these innovative aircraft to airworthiness. Saint-Gobain, a long time Tier 1 supplier of the industry, has a strong position in mass manufacturing in key industries like automotive and extensive design, analysis, simulation and testing capabilities to foster deep and rapid iteration co-development to help you give life to your new aircrafts.



Saint-Gobain Aerospace is a leading partner in designing and developing connectivity Radomes for commercial and business aviation. Our fuselage and tail-mounted designs support both OEM line-fit and aftermarket retrofit installations.

We make sure to preserve the performance of the most advanced In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity (IFEC) systems and can optimize for the desired frequency range spectrum typically but not limited to L-band to Ku and Ka-band.



Saint-Gobain operates custom projects for your extraordinary missions. We have developed solutions for the latest radar technologies such as synthetic aperture (SAR), side-looking airborne radar (SLAR), moving target indicator, and target acquisition. Our special mission Radomes are generally used with advanced radar systems for surveillance, hyper-spectral scanning, synthetic vision, live television, and satellite communication. 

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Saint-Gobain Aerospace is a global leader in supplying low pressure air ducting kits to support Passenger to Freight (P2F) conversions. Our experts employ state-of-the-art methods in fulfilling your conversion requirements. We have the capability to provide P2F accessories and fully support our customer’s conversion requests.

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