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Aerospace Transparencies

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With over 60 years of expertise in the transparency business, Saint-Gobain has been a key competitor in maintaining strong market position by delivering quality acrylic material and improved glass strength. We offer transparency services to various programs within all segments of the aerospace industry and hold customer satisfaction our top priority.

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Cockpit Windows

Saint-Gobain’s key component used in most of our cockpit windows is the chemically reinforced SOLIDION glass that improves glass strength and quality. Our windows designs are custom-made to fulfil customer specifications.  

Key Capabilities : 

  • De-icing / de-fogging capability 
  • Bird strike resistance 
  • Fail-safe design 
  • Water repellant coating 
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Helicopter Windshields

Our helicopter windshield and windows are ranging from the basic entry level to the most complex de-iced, bird-strike product to satisfy CS27 and CS29 certification standards.

We can offer:

  • Monolithic cast acrylic
  • Stretched acrylic for superior mechanical properties while keeping lower weight.
  • Bilayers to incorporate more complex features like de-icing while keeping strong mechanical performance.
  • As well as light and heat transmittance control solution
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Saint-Gobain delivers canopies using cast or stretched acrylic material and monolithic or laminated design for high quality optics / high performance while keeping weight down. Our core competency lies in offering advanced solutions to meet customer demand.  

Key Capabilities: 

  • Fully tested and certified for bird strike 
  • Improved optical clarity  
  • Compatible with the ejection system in aircrafts 

Cabin and Door Windows

Saint-Gobain designs and manufactures cabin windows with the capability to maintain high excellent optics for quality passenger experience. Our experts are well-versed in integrating unique functions like light, heat and sound control to improve the passenger experience. 

Key Capabilities: 

  • Strong optical clarity and light control 
  • MIL-P-25690 approved stretch acrylic to meet standard requirement 


Saint-Gobain designs and supplies light system transparencies to ensure aircraft lighting system protection (wing tip light, wing root light). They are specifically developed to match aircraft fuselage shape and ensure proper aerodynamic while protecting the light system. 


Repair and Replacement Transparencies

Aircraft transparencies are critical safety components and Saint-Gobain has been trusted by airlines all over the world for decades. We can perform difficult repairs and propose replacement services to support you in your every day operations.  We in addition provide training services to help you get the most performance and cost effectiveness out of our products.

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