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Aerospace Radomes

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For more than 65 years Saint-Gobain Aerospace has designed and manufactured Radomes to support flight safety and reliable, high quality connectivity for all segments of the aerospace industry. With state-of the art engineering and advanced manufacturing capabilities, our Radomes deliver the highest RF transparency and structural durability. We also specialize in Radome repairs at our FAA certified repair stations.

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Weather Radome

Weather Radomes are an essential aspect of flight safety. They cover the radar that provides the pilot with weather information and thus help them make the best route decision for passenger safety.

This sometimes means going off-course hundreds of miles to avoid severe weather conditions. If the information provided by the radar is degraded, it can compromise aircraft safety and fuel consumption.

Saint-Gobain Aerospace Radome designs can reach Class-A transmissivity in the RTCA/DO-213A definition letting the antenna perform at its best performance.  

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Connectivity Radome

Saint-Gobain Aerospace is the leader in the design and development of connectivity Radomes for commercial and business aviation. Our fuselage and tail-mounted designs support both OEM line-fit and aftermarket retrofit installations.

We make sure to preserve the performance of the most advanced In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity (IFEC) systems and can optimize for the desired frequency range spectrum including but not limited to L-band to Ku and Ka-band.

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Surveillance and Monitoring Radome

Saint-Gobain Aerospace develops custom projects to support your extraordinary missions. We have developed solutions for the latest radar technologies such as Synthetic Aperture (SAR), Side-Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR), moving target indicator, and target acquisition. Our special mission Radomes are generally used with advanced radar systems for surveillance, hyper-spectral scanning, synthetic vision, live television, and satellite communication. 

Saint-Gobain Aerospace leads edge electromagnetic transmission technologies to enable critical special mission applications, including: 

  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTR) 
  • Weather mapping 
  • Fisheries patrol 
  • Drug interdiction 
  • Coast watch 
  • Search and rescue 
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Repair and Replacement Radome

Your Radome is more than just a cover for your aircraft's weather radar or satellite communication antenna. It is an integral part of the aircraft avionics system. When your Radome requires maintenance, you need an experienced, responsive and thorough test and repair partner. Saint-Gobain Aerospace specializes in the repair of nose and satellite communication Radomes. With over 60 years of experience, we are experts in restoring your Radome to top flight performance.

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