Rafale on tarmac


As the military industry has grown, Saint-Gobain has adopted state-of-the-art compositions to integrate special features for our military customers. Our experts specialize in manufacturing and designing bullet resistant glass for military applications. We utilize cutting-edge technology to design lighter yet rugged military parts.

Rafale in flight


For more than 60 years, Saint-Gobain Aerospace has equipped thousands of fighters, transport and tanker military aircraft with a full set of canopies and windows products insuring the safest and sharpest flight conditions. Our military designs focus on: 

  • Pilot’s protection in critical environment 
  • Bird-Strike impact protection 
  • Ejection seat system compatibility


Saint-Gobain Aerospace has decades of experience in developing weather, SATCOM, and surveillance Radomes for military aircrafts. Our experts employ state-of-the-art methods to achieve a lightweight yet a rugged Radome that can function at volatile conditions. Such comprehensive design and analysis resources makes Saint-Gobain the right partner to co-design a high-performance communication assembly system with, or upgrade an existing one for operation frequency changes.

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Rafale on aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle
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