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Saint-Gobain Aerospace has been a proud tier 1 supplier of commercial aviation for over 60 years. Our achievements at the industry level have contributed to shaping our culture and operation processes. Utilizing proactive technology for risk mitigation and adopting cost-effective methods makes Saint-Gobain an ideal commercial aviation supplier in serving its OEM customers and the aviation industry.



To serve the commercial segment, Saint-Gobain Aerospace offers cockpit windows, cabin windows, door windows and with advanced features tailored for the customer needs. Our unique designs not only improve aircraft performance by reducing weight and power consumption but will also optimize cost of ownership with unmatched product lifetime.

B787 front


Antenna's transmission reliability is a key component of flight safety, operation profitability and passenger satisfaction. Saint-Gobain Aerospace will help you achieve the best performance: 

  • In the cockpit, to support weather radar information reliability and therefore not only ensure maximum flight safety but also optimize your mileage fuel. 
  • In the cabin, to support your in-flight connectivity system and contribute to bring a comfortable travel experience for your passengers.  
737 Ducting Section


Saint-Gobain Aerospace has a long experience providing cabin interior composite parts providing passenger comfort while managing Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) requirements.

Our low pressure ducting and dryliner will support your aircraft environmental control and help you maintain a healthy cabin for your passengers.

Our thermoforming plastic processes will help you procure many of your low volume specialty parts while keeping up with budget. 

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