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Backed by over 60 years of experience and state-of-the-art design and engineering capabilities, our Radomes deliver the highest radio-frequency (RF) transparency performance. Whether your priorities are to improve the efficiency of your maritime operations or maximize bandwidth and connection speeds, Saint-Gobain Aerospace can help you achieve your goals.

Constructed with high performance glass, proprietary quartz and innovative resin systems, our Radomes are highly durable, providing resistance to impact, corrosion and moisture. Our custom Radomes also offer aesthetic versatility and can be designed in unique shapes that integrate with or complement the architecture of the vessel.

Choose the right manufacturing method

Whether you need a Radome for a military vessel, a cruise-ship or a yacht, we have the right composite manufacturing methods based on your design requirements and budget.
  • Layup: Manual process that requires years of expertise. Our layup specialists are cross-trained through different composite systems and shapes for a high end product quality.
  • Thermoforming: The material is drawn over a heated mold under vacuum and allowed to cool down to set its final shape.
  • 3D Knitting: We knit a preform in one piece incorporating multiple reinforced materials (carbon, glass, quartz) with the thermoplastic resin together. We will then cure the part to give it its final shape. 
  • CF3D® Continuous Composite: CF3D® is an automated manufacturing solution for additively manufacturing combining high-performance continuous fiber with rapid UV curing thermoset resins.

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