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Connectivity Radome

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Commercial Aviation Connectivity

With leading Design and Engineering capabilities Saint-Gobain can support your requirements with either a custom solution, or with our off-the-shelve engineered and certified Universal Radome, available in Ku-band and Ka-band. 

A330 Universal Radome installed

Universal Radome

The Universal Radome is designed to protect and fit most satellite communication antennas on the market today.

The Universal Radome is available for both ARINC 791 and ARINC 792 (low profile) standards while providing the best RF (Radio Frequency) transparency for Ku-Band, Ka-Band and Wide-band (Ku, K, Ka-band).

Ready for Use 

  • Designs available for all commercial aircraft platforms 
  • Current line-fit offering across the entire Airbus fleet 
  • Production tooling in stock 

High Performance System 

  • MAXIO optimized design for the highest RF transparency 
  • Available for Ku-Band, Ka-Band and Wideband (Ku, K, Ka-band) 
  • Compatible with GEO, MEO and LEO satellites
  • Optimized air-flow for minimal aerodynamic drag 

Rapid Certification 

  • FAA, EASA and CAAC approved 
  • Meets all requirements for environmental standard RTCA/DO-160G 
  • Certified for Bird-Strike, Lightning-Strike and Hail Impact

Agnostic Design 

  • Shape designed to fit all antennas 
  • Adaptable to all ARINC 791 and ARINC 792 compliant mounting plates 
  • Fast and easy to install 
Saint-Gobain Radome with Honeywell GX Inmarsat installation

Custom made Radome

Experts at Saint-Gobain Aerospace can design a unique aerodynamic shape for your installation. We have the capability to utilize our design and analysis tools to optimize the shape, radio-frequency performance, weight, and cost to provide a unique product that best fits your needs.  

As a customer, you have the option to re-use one of our existing composite lay-ups or request a tailored installation. All the materials we use to design our composite system are part of our B-basis database to provide you with speed to market. 

Business Aviation Connectivity

G650ER Flying

Tailtip Radome

The connectivity antenna is typically located on the top of the tail of business jets because of the limited fuselage real estate. The location of the antenna can present challenges linked to the limited weight, the deeper and narrower shape, or even having to design around other systems like the horizontal stabilizer. 

Saint-Gobain Aerospace is a Tier 1 supplier of most of the business jet OEM and is proud to design and manufacture the tailtips of the entire active production of Gulfstream aircraft. We also support conversions and have MRO centers for aircraft connectivity retrofit and STC.  

Start a Connectivity Project With Us


Please send us first your antenna’s technical information: 

  • Transmit and receive frequencies 
  • Antenna field of view (elevation and azimuth) 
  • Cross-pol requirements 
  • Co-pol requirements 
  • Pointing error (side lobs) requirements 
  • Beam pattern (excel file is OK) 
  • Position of antennas under the Radome 

 To fully tailor your needs with our optimization software, we will need prioritization of the next four elements with 1 being the most important and 4 the least important:  

  • Transmit copol  
  • Receive copol  
  • Transmit cross pol  
  • Receive cross pol 

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